Upgrading the Operating Environment (OE) 4.1.0 to 4.1.1 on EMC UnityVSA

First, perform a system health check. A health check is a series of checks on the state
of your storage system. Performing a system health check helps ensure that no
underlying problems exist that may prevent a successful update. Then obtain and
install software updates.

The Unity storage system can have the following types of software updates:

  • Operating Environment (OE) software (also called, Unisphere)
  • Disk firmware
  • Language packs

Before the Operating Environment upgrade, you need to download Unity OE upgrade file UnityVSA- at https://support.emc.com. Then login into Unisphere by Administrator.

1. Select the Settings icon (in the top right of the page), and then select
Software and Licenses > Software Updates.

2. Select Perform Health Checks. Then Next.

3. After the health check is passed successfuly, select Start Upgrade. Then Browse the software file and click Next to start the upgrade.

4. Decide whether you want the storage processors to reboot automatically during
the upgrade. Then Next.

NOTE: The default option during a software upgrade is to automatically reboot both storage processors, one-at-a-time, as soon as the software upgrade image is staged and the
system is prepared for upgrade. If you like tighter control over when the reboots
happen, you can clear this option so that upgrade can be started and staged, but
neither storage processor will reboot until you are ready.

5. Review the planned upgrade and select Finish.

6. You can see the software upgrade progress.

7. As expected during the software upgrade, the management connection to the system has been temporaily lost. The connection will be restored automatically when the storage system becomes availabe. Do not reboot the storage processors.

8. After the OE upgrade is completed successfully, click “Reload Unisphere” to reload the Unisphere.

9. When you login Unisphere again, you can see software version is in Settings of Unisphere. This software upgrade is finished.

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