Overview of vCenter Plugin for NetApp HCI

The vCenter Plugin (VCP) allows the VMware administrator to manage both the compute and storage resources from the same, familiar vCenter Web Client. NetApp HCI can be configured and monitored with vCenter Plugin. Alerts are also integrated for visibility within this one administrative interface.

Click NetApp SolidFire Management.

Under the Reporting tab, you can see all the high-level cluster metrics like capacity and performance, in addition to some configuration details.

In Event Log, it shows the storage cluster events.

In Management tab, there are three datastores provisioned by the NetApp Deployment Engine if ONTAP Select is selected. One datastore is for ONTAP Select node installation files, one is dedicated for storage that is shared out by ONTAP Select, and the third one is where provisioned virtual machines are stored.

Click on Volumes, where we can go to create or modify volumes for usage outside of the
NetApp HCI environment.

In Protection, we can manage the snapshots for each volume.

In Cluster, we can view the physical drive information of each node.