Deploy the NSX-T Manager Appliance

We will go through the deployment of NSX-T Manager Appliance. Download the NSX-T for VMware ESXi OVA file from the VMware web site.  Connect to vCenter server with vSphere web client and then deploy OVF template.

Choose Local File, click Browse and select the ‘nsx-unified-appliance’ OVA file. Click Next.

  1. Enter the name for the NSX Manager appliance.
  2. Select a folder or data center on which to deploy the virtual machine and click Next.
  3. Select the appropriate host and cluster for deployment.

Select a target cluster and click Next.

Review details dialog box and click Next.

In the Select configuration dialog box, select the appropriate NSX Manager size for deployment. Click Next.

Select the destination datastore for the appliance and click Next.

Select the port group for the appliance and click Next.

In the Customer template:

  1. Enter the administrator and audit users and passwords.
  2. Enter the Network properties.
  3. Enter the DNS
  4. Enter the Services Configuration. Use the drop-down menu to select the ‘nsx-manager’ role.

Click Next.

Finally review the configuration. Click Finish.

After this deployment is successfully completed, power on the NSX-T Manager Appliance.

Now we can access to the NSX Manage.

On the NSX Manager main screen, select System > Components and verify the Management Cluster health and status.

We will use the NSX-T capability to register to vCenter and deploy the ESXi VIBs through this vCenter connection.

  1. Select Fabric
  2. Select Compute Managers
  3. Click on +ADD
  4. Specify the Compute vCenter.
  5. Enter the vCenter Type
  6. Enter the Username and password.

Validate that the vCenter resources information is retrieve from NSX-T Fabric.

To add a Host to the NSX manager:

    1. Select Fabric
    2. Select Nodes
    3. Click on +Add
    4. Enter the hostname, IP address, username, password.

After adding the vCenter and ESXi to NSX-T Manager, the deployment of NSX-T Manager is successfully completed.

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