Upgrading the Operating Environment (OE) Software on EMC UnityVSA

The Unity storage system can have the following types of software updates:

  • Operating Environment (OE) software (also called, Unisphere)
  • Disk firmware
  • Language packs

In this post we will learn how to upgrade the Operating Environment (OE) Software on EMC UnityVSA. Firstly we need to download OE Image “UnityVSA-” at http://support.emc.com. Firstly login into EMC Unisphere by Administrator and then click the System Settings.


Then choose Software Updates on Software and Licenses, click Start Upgrade.

NOTE: The running software version is


Perform Health Checks before the Operating Software upgrade, make sure it doesn’t have any error exist.


Then Next.


Then Browse to select the Operating Environment (OE) Software.


Then Next.


Then Next.

Select this option will automatically reboot your storage processors during the upgrade and finalize the new software.

Unselect this option will pause the upgrade after all non-disruptive tasks have completed. User input is required to manually reboot the storage processors and finish the upgrade.


Then you can view the summary, clicks Finish button to start Operating Environment (OE) Software upgrade (4.0.1 to 4.1.0).


Then you can see the upgrade progress and required time.



NOTE: The connection to the storage system has been lost. This is expected during software upgrade. The connection will be restored automatically when the storage system becomes available. Do not reboot the storage processors.


When Operating Environment (OE) Software upgrade is successfully completed, you can click Reload Unisphere button to reload the EMC Unisphere.


After login into EMC Unisphere again, you can see the Software Version is on System View.



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