Dell EMC Unity OE 4.4 – SAN Copy Pull

Dell EMC Unity OE version 4.4 includes SAN Copy Pull as a part of the code. SAN Copy Pull is a migration tool which migrates data from block storage resources, either standalone LUNs/Volumes or VMFS Datastores, found on supported systems to Dell EMC Unity. A SAN Copy Pull migration session can be configured over Fibre Channel (FC) or iSCSI to migrate the data.  All I/Os must be suspended on the source storage resources and host access should be removed during the migraion.

Migrations utilizing Dell EMC Unity SAN Copy Pull to migrate from a source system to the target Dell EMC Unity system. SAN Copy Pull sessions is only available through UEMCLI or REST API.

Systems supported by Dell EMC Unity SAN Copy Pull:

  • Dell EMC SC / Compellent
  • Dell EMC PS / EqualLogic
  • Dell EMC UnityVSA with iSCSI only
  • Dell EMC VMAX
  • HP EVA
  • HPE 3PAR
  • Hitachi HDS
  • NetApp

The following are the high level migration process,


  • Set up the data path connection between the source and target storage systems.
  • Create a LUN on the destination system and note the CLI ID of the storage resouce.
  1. Remove host access to the resources on the source storage system and add Unity as a host on the source storage system.
  2. Data is read from source and written to the target LUN.
  3. Give a host access to Unity storage system.

Dell EMC Unity: Migration Technologies – White paper

This video will go over the SAN Copy Pull feature which allows for migration of block data to Dell EMC Unity systems.

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