EMC RecoverPoint for Virtual Machine – Data Consistency

In RecoverPoint for VM, you can create the bookmark on each protected virtual machine. This bookmark is a name applied to a snapshot to identify it for future use. Bookmarks can be applied to consistency groups or group sets. Crash-consistent bookmarks are created using RecoverPoint for VMs plug-in for vCenter. Application-consistent bookmarks are created using RecoverPoint’s VSS-based utility, called KVSS.



All bookmarks are Crash-Consistent by default. Select Application-Consistent from the drop down if the selected snapshot is known to be application-consistent. Application-consistent bookmarks should be generated in conjunction with the quiescing of an application or database or when the application or database is shutdown. RecoverPoint has a VSS Utility (KVSS) that can used to quiesce Miscrosoft SQL or Exchange.

For detail information about KVSS, you can find it in the “EMC RecoverPoint Administration Guide” which is downloadable from Dell EMC Online Support.

When you plan to access this image for the deployment test, you can active this images (snapshots) and select all images in “Test a Copy Wizard”. Those images are stored in the replica journal that the RecoverPoint for VMs system auto-provision and are distributed to the replica VMDKs.


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