Unisphere Central v4.0 SP3 Upgrade

Unisphere Central is a virtual appliance that enables administrators to remotely
monitor the status, activity, and resources of the storage system available on your
network. The Unisphere Central server runs within a VMware virtual environment that
includes at least one ESX or ESXi host. The Unisphere Central server obtains
aggregated status, alert, capacity, and performance information from all the systems
Unisphere Central is monitoring.

The Unisphere Central environment consists of a Unisphere Central server running on an ESX/ESXi server (standalone or through vCenter), VNXe, VNX, CX4, vVNX, Unity and UnityVSA storage systems, and a remote system to access the Unisphere Central server.

Unisphere Central version 4.0.3 has been updated to support the following builds of
previously-supported products:

  • Support to monitor Unity and UnityVSA storage systems running version 4.1.0.
  • Support to monitor VNXe storage systems running VNXe3200 version 3.1.5 and VNXe1600 version 3.1.7.
  • Support to monitor VNX2 series storage systems running VNX OE for Block and VNX OE for File and VNX OE for Block and VNX OE for File
  • Support to monitor CX4 storage systems running OE version

Now we start to upgrade Unisphere Central v4 SP2 to SP3.

Firstly you download the upgrade patch “Unisphere_Central–upgrade-” at https://support.emc.com. Go to the Settings of Unisphere Central, click Upload Candidate to upload the that patch.

Click Start Upload.

After finish the uploading, then click Install Candidate to start the upgrade.

Before starting this upgrade. It is highly recommended that you create a snaphost of your Unisphere Central VM using VMware Snapshot. It starts to upgrade when you click Yes.

After it finishes the upgrade successfuly, it will start to reboot Unisphere Central automatically.

After the reboot is completed, you need to restart the browser and login Unisphere Central again. You can see the it displays 4.0.3 version in Unisphere Central.


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