Zerto Software

Architecture Overview  of Zerto 7.0

Installation flow: 1) Install Zerto Virtual Manager (ZVM) -> 2) Install Virtual Replication Appliance (VRA) on target ESXi host.

Now we will go through the installation of Zerto 7.0 at Production Site, double-click the Zerto 7.0 Installer executable, then Next.

Accept the license agreement, then Next.

Select destination for Zerto software, then Next.

Choose the installation type, we choose Express installation for this demo, then Next.

Enter the required information for the target vCenter Server, then Next.

Keep the default settings for this configuration then Next.

It starts to valid the requirements of Zerto deployment, it will show OK if the validation is passed. Then Run.

It starts the installation of Zerto software.


It shows installation is completed after a few minutes, then click Done.

Now we can login the Zerto Virtual Manager, you need to provide a valid license for ZVM when you login in first time. It has two options, we can use the new license or use the pair site with a license.

Choose on the Setup tab, select the ESX host to install VRA.

Define the target Network profile, Datastore and required memory resources for VRA, then configure the network information of VRA. Click Install.

Repeat the same procedure to install VRA on the other ESXi host. Ensure both VRAs are installed on ESXi hosts.

Now we login the vCenter Server, we can both VRA installed on the ESXi cluster. The demo is completed successfully.