Dynamic Pools on EMC Unity All-Flash storage

For Unity All Flash storage, its architecture of Storage Pool is different with Unity Hybrid storage (eg, Unity 350F). This new Pool technology is called “Dynamic Pools”. The following is the difference between Traditional Pools and Dynamic Pools.

  • Dynamic Pools do not require Hot Spares
  • If a drive within a Dynamic Pool fails, Spare Space within the Pool is utilized
  • Spare space will be handled automatically when a Pool is created or expanded
  • Spread I/O load over all drives more frequently than traditional pools
  • More drives are engaged in the rebuild process

NOTE: Supported on All Flash physical hardware only

The Dynamic Pools can only be enabled on Unity All-Flash storage which is running in OE 4.2 or above. The following is the EMC Unisphere server 4.1.2.

After you upgrade Unity’s OE into version 4.2.0, you can see the new management interface of EMC Unisphere Server 4.2. Then you can create the Dynamic Pools on Unity All Flash storage.

When you create the Pools in Storage, you can see the storage type of pool is “Dynamic”.

Demo – Create Dynamic Pools

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