Cisco HyperFlex 3.5 Plugin for vSphere

In this post, we will perform some operation of Cisco HyperFlex by vSphere plug-in, eg, Ready Clones.

Lab Environment:

There are four Cisco HX240c M4SX HyperFlex Systems in this environment.

Go to “Cisco HX Data Platform” after login into vCenter with vSphere Web Client.

We can view the summary of HX Cluster which includes of 4 hosts.

Go to Manage tab, we can check the configuration of each node.

We can see the number of disks install on each node.

We also can create the Datastore with vSphere plug-in.

If we want to enable Ready Clone feature, right clicks of your VM, then go to Cisco HX Data Platform > ReadyClones from the menu.

Enter the Number of clones field.
Enter VM Name Prefix field.
Click OK.