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What’s new of VMware vSAN 7

VMware vSAN is a foundational element of Private and Public Clouds, it includes three options:

Core HCI – vSAN + vSphere

Full Stack HCI – VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF)

Hybrid Cloud – VMware Cloud on AWS

Modernize your HCI with VMware vSAN 7.0, the following are key product enhancements.

Simpler Lifecycle Management

vSphere Lifecycle Manager (vLCM) can provide the unified software and management. Built to manage server stack in cluster, such as Hypervisor, drivers and firmware. It also supports the vendor firmware plugins, such as Dell and HPE.

Native File Servers

Integrated File services managed through vCenter server, it can provide vSAN cluster capacity for file shares which supports NFS v4.1 & v3.

Enhanced Cloud Native Storage

Integration of Cloud Native Storage in vSphere 7.0 and vSAN 7.0. Extension K8S running on vSphere and vSAN.

Simplified configuration with routed vSAN topologies

Easily override default the gateways used by vSAN hosts and simplifies the deployments.

Improved VM placement intelligence with vSAN Stretched Clusters

Instructs DRS not to migrate VMs to desired site until resyncs complete, so it can reduce I/O across ISL in recovery conditions.

Improved Resilience with vSAN Stretched Clusters

Immediate repair operation after a witness host appliance is replaced.

Intelligent Capacity Management for vSAN Stretched Clusters

It prevents capacity imbalance to impact VM uptime in vSAN stretched clusters. It allows VMs to continue non-disruptively in capacity strained conditions.

Improved Awareness of vSphere Replication Data

Easily identify objects created by and used with vSphere Replication (VR). And new vSphere replication object identity type in “Virtual Objects” listing.

Improved Flexibility for Applications using Shared Disks on vSAN

Eager Zerto Thick (EZT) requirement eliminated for Oracle RAC on vSAN.

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Victor Wu

Senior Solutions Architect, Storage & Virtualization, Author at Dell EMC Knowledge Sharing & Packt

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