Enabling vRealize Operations within vCenter and vSAN 6.7

vSAN 6.7 introduces exciting new ways to monitor the Health, Capacity and Performance of your Cluster via vRealize Operations within vCenter, all within the same User Interface that VI Administrators use today.

Now I show you the configuration. When we login into vCenter, go to vRealize Operations on the Menu.

Note that we have the option to Install a new instance of vRealize Operations or
Configure an existing instance. In this Lab, vRealize Operations has already been
installed. Click Configure Existing Instance.

Input the instance details, then click Next.

Input the vCenter details and test connection, then click Next.

Clicks Configure. Configuration will take several minutes in this Lab. While we wait, let’s examine vSAN Health and vCenter Capacity & Performance Monitoring before utilizing vRealize Operations for vCenter.

When the configuration is completed, you can select some monitor dashboards for vSAN on Quick Links menu,

We also can redirect to vRealize Operation Manager directly and monitor all vSAN Operations & Perforance dashboards.

We can go to Dashboards, view the vSAN Operations Overview.

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