What’s new in VxRail 4.7

What vSAN Version is in the VxRail Software ?

  • VxRail 4.7 is based on vSAN 6.7 U1
  • VxRail 4.5 is built with vSAN 6.6 U1
  • VxRail 3.5 and 4.0 are built with vSAN 6.2
  • VxRail 3.0 is built with vSAN 6.1
Feature VxRail 3.0 VxRail 3.5 VxRail 4.0 VxRail 4.5 VxRail 4.7
Deduplication and compression
RAID 5 and RAID 6 erasure coding
Deploying thin swap objects
Software checksum
New on-disk format (3.0)
IOPS limits
IPv6 (full network support) 1
Space reporting
Health service
Performance service
Write-through in-memory cache
Stretch cluster
All-Flash configuration
Fault domains
3-node configuration
2-node configuration 2
Handling of problematic disk


  1. IPv6 multicast is required for the ToR Switch and VxRail management communication. IPv6 addresses are not supported.
  2. Coming in 4.7.100 release. Announced at VMworld Barcelona 2018.
Unicast support
Data-at-rest Encryption
Enhanced stretched cluster with local fault protection
Resynchronization throttling
Management of vSAN using ESXi Host Client
Rebalancing enhancements
Repair enhancements
Degraded disks handling
Maintenance Mode enhancements
Health service enhancements

File-based VxRail backup & restore

  • Protect against accidental deletion of virtual appliance or corruption of VxRail Manager internal contents.
  • Manual or scheduled (daily, weekly, monthly) backups supported.
  1. Recommended to manually backup after any VxRail Manager initiated change event.
  2. Retention Settings: Minimum 7, Maximum 24.
  • All inclusive, no additional software or hardware needed.
  • Files are backed up inside the vSAN datastore or can be moved to external location.

Note: This functionality is currently delivered using CLI, and is not in the VxRail Manager UI.

VxRail events in VxRail Manager and vCenter

The same events from VxRail Manager appear in vCenter dashboard.

Network configuration – 2 x 25GbE with VxRail 4.7.xxx

Remark: Network teaming policy and NIOC setting: 2x25GbE

Network configuration – 2 x 10GbE with VxRail 4.7.xxx

Remark: Network teaming policy and NIOC setting: Uplink 3 & 4 can be used for additional VM traffic.

Network configuration – 4 x 10GbE with VxRail 4.7.xxx

Remark: Network teaming policy and NIOC setting: Using all 4 10GbE uplinks.

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