VMware vSAN CLI & PowerCLI vSAN Commands

VMware vSAN has several documented ESXCLI commands that can be used to explore &
configure individual ESXi hosts.

Now we will provide some useful commands to use with vSAN.

“esxcli vsan cluster get” To view details about the vSAN Cluster, like it’s Health or whether it is a Master or Backup Node.

To view networking details, you can execute this command: “esxcli vsan network list

To get a summary view of all vSAN Health Checks, you can run the following
command: “esxcli vsan health cluster list

To check Host vSAN Health service installation:

esxcli vsan health cluster get -t “ESXi vSAN Health service installation”

VMware PowerCLI is a command-line and scripting tool built on Windows Powershell, and
provides more than 500 cmdlets for managing and automating vSphere, vSAN, Site
Recovery Manager, vRealize Operations Manager, vSphere Automation SDK, vCloud
Director, vCloud Air, vSphere Update Manager and VMware Horizon environments.

Type the following cmdlet to retrieve VMware PowerCLI version information:

Execute Get-Command to view cmdlets containing ‘vsan’ in their name:

Get-VsanClusterConfiguration, Get-VsanSpaceUsage.

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