What’s New in vSAN 6.7 Update 1

VMware HCI is the Best Building Block for a Digital Foundation

vSAN is the only storage software natively integrated with the market leading hypervisor, vSphere. vSAN’s unique integration delivers optimal resource utilization for mission critical applications. vSphere is likely already in your data center today; because vSAN is native, it’s easy for admins to pick up and learn, increasing agility.

vSAN 6.7 Update 1 Makes it Easy to Adopt HCI

With vSAN 6.7U1, we are delivering benefits across three key areas. First, we’re simplifying day one and two operations, and customers will be able to quickly deploy and extend cloud infrastructure and minimize maintenance disruptions. Admins will be able to easily keep their environments up to date with extended lifecycle management benefits.

Quickly Build & Integrate Cloud Infrastructure

vSAN 6.7U1 introduces a new guided cluster creation and extension workflow. This new workflow enables admins to stand up HCI clusters consistently, and provides built-in checks and best practices along the way. No need to go to multiple places in the UI or feel uncertain that a step was missed in the process. This same workflow will guide users to create a stretched cluster.

Driver & Firmware Updates using VUM

VUM further simplifies lifecycle management by proactively alerting users when an upgrade or patch is available and managing more server components (specifically in this release, the host I/O controller firmware and drivers), and provides confidence by performing health checks before remediating the cluster.

Minimize Maintenance Disruptions

vSAN 6.7U1 will ensure workload availability by notifying admins when certain actions are occurring in the cluster that would impact performance if a host is entered into maintenance mode. In addition, vSAN will reduce uncertainty by advising maintenance operations can be performed without performance and availability impacts. Finally, 6.7U1 will save time by anticipating the success or failure of entering a host into maintenance mode.

Improved Capacity Reporting

vSAN 6.7 U1 enhances capacity reporting in a few different ways. Having a better understanding of past, present, and future capacity utilization is a top-of-mind concern for administrators.

Mixed MTU Support for 2 Node and Stretched Clusters

In a stretched cluster environment, the ability to isolate witness traffic using dedicated uplinks was a powerful enhancement made to vSAN 6.7. vSAN 6.7 U1 introduces additional levels of flexibility to this feature with the support of mixed MTU sizes configured for witness traffic, and the Inter-site link used for vSAN data traffic.

Improved Health Check Guidance

vSAN 6.7 U1 extends this feature even more, with a more robust way of handling multiple approved firmware levels for storage controllers. vSAN 6.7 U1 also introduces functionality that is now accessible in the UI. Health checks can be silenced granularly, directly in the UI, as well as being able to purge inaccessible swap objects that are no longer needed.These improvements improve the effectiveness of vSAN’s ability to not only recognize issues but remediate them more quickly.

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