Cisco HyperFlex Systems Architecture

HyperFlex Portfolio


Dynamic Data Distribution

  • Systems Built on Conventional File Systems Write Locally, Then Replicate, Creating Performance Hotspots
  • HX Data Platform stripes data across all nodes simultaneously, leveraging cache across all SSDs for fast writes
  • Balanced space utilization: no data migration required following a VM migration


Non-Disruptive Operations

  • Stripe blocks of a file across servers
  • Replicate one or two additional copies to other servers
  • Handle entire server or disk failures
  • Restore back to original number of copies
  • Rebalance VMs and data post replacement
  • Rolling software upgrades


High Resiliency, Fast Recovery

  • Platform can sustain simultaneous 2 node failure without data loss; replication factor is tunable
  • If a node fails, the evacuated VMs re-attach with no data movement required
  • Replacement node automatically configured via UCS Service Profile
  • HX Data Platform automatically re-distributes data to node


Cisco HyperFlex Monitoring and Reporting


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