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EMC RecoverPoint for Virtual Machine 4.3 – Part1

Part 1 – Deploy EMC vRPA into VMware vSphere ESXi host.

1. In the vSphere Web Client, right-click on an ESX host and select Deploy OVF Template.
2. In the Source screen, specify the vRPA OVA package location.
3. In the OVF template details screen, review the general properties of this OVA package.
To accept, click Next.
4. In the EMC End-User License Agreement screen, if you accept the terms of the EMC
End-User License Agreement, click Accept and Next.
5. In the Name and Location screen, enter the name you wish to assign to this vRPA. If
you enter the name of an existing vRPA, you will not be permitted to continue.
6. In the Deployment Configuration screen, select the desired configuration profile (refer to the following table)

7. In the Storage screen, select the vRPA storage (datastore) that will be used to host the
vRPA virtual machine files. The best practice is to select a high-performance
8. In the Disk Format screen, select Thin Provision or Thick Provision disk format.
9. In the Network Mapping screen, map the four required vRPA Ethernet ports (Source
Networks) to the available vSphere virtual networks (Destination Networks). Do not
select the internal VMware iSCSI network (iSCSI Network option).

10. In the IP address allocation screen, the Fixed IP option is selected. Enter required IP

11. The Ready to Complete screen summarizes all your selections. Click Finish to create
this instance of the vRPA. When the vRPA is created, the vRPA Summary tab shows the vRPA package contents as specified. The new vRPA is ready to be powered on. The selected IP policy will be implemented automatically when the vRPA is powered up.

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