Software Upgrade of VxRail 4.7

Software upgrade of VxRail Appliance is a simple operation with a “single click”. It has two upgrade options, local upgrade and internet upgrade. In this post, we will upgrade VxRail 4.7.000 to 4.7.100. The VxRail 4.7 software package includes of VxRail Manager, VMware ESXi 6.7, VMware vCenter Server Appliance 6.7, VMware vSAN 6.7, VMware vRealize Log Insight and Dell PowerEdge platform components. For details of each component, please refer to the release notes of VxRail 4.7.100 edition.


In this post we will choose the internet upgrade option. Before this upgrade, we need to login into dell emc support portal by your support account. Then it starts to download the upgrade package from dell emc support portal.

Remark: This upgrade process is executed with VxRail software package

After the upgrade pre-check is passed, it starts to upgrade when we click “Continue“.

VxRail upgrade requires the permission of vCenter Server administrator account and VxRail Manager root account.

We can monitor the upgrade process when the software upgrade starts. During the software upgrade, the running virtual machines will move to the other active node with vMotion. It will upgrade the VxRail node one by one. The service of virtual machine is not disrupted during the software upgrade.

When the upgrade is successfully completed, refresh the browser to access the upgraded VxRail Manager.

Access the VxRail Manager with administrator.

We can see the running version of VxRail is 4.7.100 on installed components menu.

For component revision of Dell PowerEdge platform components, we can check it on health menu.

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