Element Replication on NetApp HCI

In this post we will show the function of the element replication with snapshot mode between two SolidFire clusters.
NetApp Element replication is available in three modes:
Synchronous – Client write acknowledgement occurs after data is written to both clusters
Asynchronous – Client write is acknowledged after the primary cluster target is written to. Data is then replicated to the secondary cluster.
Snapshot Only – Only specified snapshots are replicated to the secondary cluster.

We go to the HQ-SolidFire and click on Data Protection.

Go to the Snapshots tab. When snapshots are created, we can configure the snapshot replicate to the secondary cluster. SolidFire snapshot replication only includes snapshots designated for replication.

Remark: NetApp ONTAP snapshots are always included in a snapmirror transter to the secondary system.

SolidFire clusters are paired at the cluster level before any volume pairs are possible. Click on Cluster Pairs to view this configuration. We can see the cluster pair relationship between two NetAppHCI clusters.

Click on Volume Pairs. Here you can see the volume pair configuration for the volume “SF-DP”.

Then go to Remote-SolidFire, we can see the source snapshot replicated to Remote-SolidFire cluster. Now we can clone the volume from this snapshot and present the other development host for testing.

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