Protecting NetApp HCI with Veeam

In this post we will know how the Veeam Availability Suite™ enables NetApp HCI virtual
machines. The following is the diagram of lab environment includes of vCenter Server, Veeam Backup Server and NetApp HCI.

First we login into vCenter Server, we can see the NetApp SolidFire Configuration and NetApp SolidFire Management are enabled on vCenter homepage.

Go to NetApp SolidFire Management and choose Datastore on Management tab, we can see the SolidFire datastore. In this demo, we will backup one MSSQL virtual machine with Veeam Availability Suite, this VM is running on this datastore.

Now we login into Veeam Backup & Replication Console.

Click on the Backup Infrastructure, we can see two components include of the vCenter server and Veeam backup server.

Now we can create a new backup job to protect this MSSQL virtual machine.

When the backcup job is completed, we can see the backup copy of MMSQL virtual machine that store on the backup disk volume.

In this simple demo we can see Veeam Availability Suite easy to protect the NetApp HCI virtual machines. We also choose three recovery options for virtual machine, “Instant VM Recovery”, “Explorer Reocovery” and “Full VM Recovery”.

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