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Creating vRealize Log Insight Clusters

In this post will discuss how to create the vRealize Log Insight Cluster. Lab Environment: vRealize Log Insight 8.4 Node 1 and Node 2 Requirements: Deploy two vRealize Log Insight Appliances Prepare a virtual IP address for vRealize Log Insight Cluster After deploying two vRealize Log Insight Appliances, access the […]

VeeamON 2022 – recap

This is my 3rd time to join VeeamON event (online). The following sessions that I joined in VeeamON 2022. Most of topics are great! Public Cloud: Demo Session: Veeam Backup for AWS deployment Public Cloud: Veeam Backup for Microsoft Azure Deep Dive into Best Practices General Session: The Future of […]

Upgrade pre-check for VxRail System Software

As a system administrator, concerns with how to handle the lifecycle management of virtual environments. In VxRail 7.0 environment, it added some new features, e.g. LCM. VxRail LCM has some great features including the Compliance Report and Update Advisory Report. In compliance tab, the Installed Components and Versions section shows […]

vSphere Diagnostic Tool

Sphere Diagnostic Tool is a python script that runs diagnostic commands on the vCenter Server Photon Appliance to return useful troubleshooting data while running within the confines of the local environment with out upstream dependencies. The tool itself is currently a set of self contained python and bash scripts that […]

Advanced Cross vCenter Server vMotion

The Advanced Cross vCenter Server vMotion (XVM) capability was one of the most popular VMware Flings. A lot of customers were anxious to see this capability being an integrated part of vSphere. With the vSphere 7 Update 1c release, the XVM capability is embedded into the vSphere Client! There are […]

Virtual Machine Migration Approach

Today I will share a scenario for migrating the virtual machines into VxRail platform from VMware ESXi 5.5. Case Scenario Leverage Veeam VM online replication to migrate VM across different VMware environments Environment VMware ESXi 5.5 (end of supported) Cisco UCS enrionment (end of support soon) Fibre Channel storage (end […]

2022 Veeam Vanguard Class

Just received the Veeam Vanguard 2022 approval email. A big thanks to Nikola Pejková, Rick Vanover and #Veeam Product Strategy team. 4th time in a row. Congratulations to all renewed and new #Vanguard members! If you’re interested in learning more about the Veeam Vanguard Program, please click on each of […]