VMware vSAN CLI & PowerCLI vSAN Commands

VMware vSAN has several documented ESXCLI commands that can be used to explore &
configure individual ESXi hosts.

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VMware SRM 8.1 Configuration Import/Export Tool

VMware SRM 8.1 Configuration Import/Export Tool can export and import configuration data. This tool supports the export of inventory mappings, recovery plans, protection groups, and the related objects into an XML file, and import from a previously exported file.

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Overview of vCenter Plugin for NetApp HCI

The vCenter Plugin (VCP) allows the VMware administrator to manage both the compute and storage resources from the same, familiar vCenter Web Client. NetApp HCI can be configured and monitored with vCenter Plugin. Alerts are also integrated for visibility within this one administrative interface.

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System architecture and components of Dell EMC DP4400

The IDPA combines multiple data protection solutions into a single product. After initial configuration, the following software is deployed and configured:

  • Data Domain Virtual Edition (DDVE)
  • VMware vCenter Server  (VCSA)
  • VMware ESXi
  • Avamar Virtual Edition (AVE)
  • Avamar Proxy VM
  • Integrated Data Protection Appliance System Manager (DPC)
  • Data Protection Advisor
    • Application Server Host VM
    • Datastore Server Host VM
  • Data Protection Search
    • Index Master Node Host VM
  • DD Cloud DR CDRA virtual appliance (optional)
  • Appliance Configuration Manager (ACM)

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