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VxRail Upgrade from v4.7 to v7.0

In this post, we will discuss how to upgrade the VxRail software 4.7.410 to 7.0.010. Environment: 3 x VxRail P570 (ESXi 6.7 Patch 01 + vSAN 6.7 Patch 01) 1 x VMware vCenter Server Appliance 6.7 Update 3b 1 x VMware vCenter Platform Services Controller 6.7 Update 3b 1 x […]

VxRail 7.0 Installation

In VxRail 7.0, you will use a new deployment wizard for VxRail initial configuration. Let’s begin with a walk-through of the VxRail installation process, click the “Get Started” button. Click “Accept” to agree to the End-User License Agreement, then click “Next” to continue. Specify the type of VxRail cluster that […]

What’s New in SRM & VR 8.3.1

Preservation of vSphere Tags and Categories of Virtual Machines during Failover and Recovery with Site Recovery Manager. Simplified Management of Replicated VMs – Disks added to replicated VMs are automatically replicated. Enhanced flexibility – create Protection Groups and Recovery Plans with empty datastores for array-based replication. Site Recovery Manager would […]

vExpert VMworld Social Contest

I am so excited to be able to participate in the vExpert VMworld Social Contest. The following is the final result for NSX vExpert Influencer Contest. Finally I got the third in this game. Congratulations to participants. Thank you to VMware vExpert NSX team (Quang, Susan, Cindy and Marina), I […]

VMware Influencer 100 Club

In the VMworld week, I am so happy as well for this recognition and gladly accept the invitation to join the VMware Influencer 100 Club. Thanks to Noell Grier and VMware for this amazing award! 🙏 Finally I am specially thanks to Bill HO who is a staff system engineer […]