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My contents from VMworld 2021

In VMworld 2021, you can apply two options of VMworld Pass “General Pass” and “Tech+ Pass”, refer this link for details. It is a 3 days online global event for VMworld 2021 (5-7 Oct, 2021). I am so excited to join this online event. In first day of VMworld 2021, […]

VMware Ports and Protocols tool

The VMware Ports and Protocols tool is a portal that enables you to view all the ports needed by various VMware products, solutions, and services in a single pane. You can select all VMware products that you intend to deploy in your environment from the side panel. This tool generates […]

Major VxRail software update – VxRail 7.0.240

Dynamic nodes Compute-only nodes with no vSAN license Flexible primary storage options – VMware vSAN HCI Mesh or Dell EMC external storage arrays Scale compute independent of storage VxRail HCI System Software with dynamic nodes for VxRail LCM experience E560F, P570F, and V570F models with no support for internal storage […]

VxRail Lifecycle Management

Today we will discuss the pros and cons of VxRail Lifecycle Management and vSphere Lifecycle Manager. VxRail Lifecycle Management (LCM) can deliver prevalidated set of software and firmware that ensures compatibility and compliance of the entire configuration on HCI stack. In VxRail 4.7, LCM can deliver an single one-click to […]

Create a NAS Backup Job on Veeam v11

Today we will show how to create a NAS backup job (NAS created at NetApp ONTAP) on Veeam v11. 1. On the left-hand navigation pane, click Home. Select Backup Job. Click File Share…. 2. The “New File Backup Job” wizard is opened, then enter NAS Backup in the “Name” field. […]

VxRail 7.0 Cluster Update

In this post, we will discuss how to upgrade the VxRail software 7.0.100.xxxxxxx to 7.0.130.xxxxxxx According to VxRail 7.0 release notes, VxRail 7.0.100 can direct upgrade to 7.0.13x In upgrade procedure, it covers two areas: cluster readiness pre-check and cluster update workflow. Environment: 3 x VxRail E560 Appliance ( Preparation: […]

VMware Skyline Health Diagnostics 2.5.1

VMware Skyline Health Diagnostics is a self-service tool to detect issues using log bundles and suggest the Knowledge Base articles or Steps for remediating the issue in the vSphere, vSAN and VMware Cloud Foundation SDDC Manager product line. What’s New in 2.5.1 release, there are some enhancements in this version. […]

Monitoring CRC errors on VMware vSAN

For performance troubleshooting on VMware vSAN (includes VxRail appliance), cyclic redundancy check (CRC) errors can impact the performance on vSAN cluster. Start with vSphere 7.0 Update 2, we can check the CRC error for each physical adapter (vmnic) in vCenter server, refer to below. Prior to vSphere 7.0 Update 2, […]

VxRail Deployment Options

VxRail is integrated with vCenter Server and relies on standard network services, including Domain Name Service (DNS) for operation. VxRail deployment options allow choice of how VxRail interacts with the vCenter Server, DNS, and vSphere distributed switch configuration in the customer environment. There are four VxRail deployment options available. Embedded […]

Installation of Zerto 9.0

Architecture Overview  of Zerto 9.0 for vSphere Zerto Support Matrix for vSphere Installation flow: Install Zerto Virtual Manager (ZVM) Site pairing if the DR site is required Deploy Virtual Replication Appliance (VRA) on target ESXi host Now we will go through the installation of Zerto 9.0 at Production Site, double-click […]