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Configuring vSAN File Service

vSAN file service is used to create file shares backed by the vSAN Datastore. vSAN file services has the following features: Designed for Cloud Native Applications and traditional workloads Supports SMBv2.1 and v3 Supports NFSv3 and NFSv4.1 Assigns file share quotas Compatible with other vSAN services Go to Configure tab […]

Replacement of the vSAN Witness Node

Lab Environment: Preferred Site: 3x vSAN 8 nodes Secondary Site: 3x vSAN 8 nodes Witness host: 1x vSAN 8 witness node In this post, we will replace the witness node in the vSAN Stretched cluster. Go to Configure tab and select the Fault Domains under vSAN menu, click “CHANGE WITNESS […]


When you enabled the ESA on vSAN Cluster. You can verify the vSAN ESA status on each vSAN node by cli “esxcil vsan cluster get“. This vSAN cluster is created by four vSAN nodes. vSAN ESA RAID-5 uses the recommended minimum instead of the vSAN OSA RAID-5 absolute minimum. vSAN […]

Enable vSAN Encryption with vSphere Native key Provider

vSAN encryption is a native HCI encryption solution built in the vSAN layer. vSAN encryption support the following features: Data-at-Rest encryption at datastore-level. Data-in-Transit encryption at network-level. Configure at the cluster-level. Hybrid and All-Flash vSAN clusters. Now we will enable the vSAN Encryption with vSphere Native key Provider. Go to […]

vSphere Replication Calculator

There are many factors that influence bandwidth requirements for VMware vSphere Replication, e.g, the amount of changed data, the frequency of data changes, and the recovery point objective (RPO) configuration for each replicated virtual machine. vSphere Replication Calculator is a good tool to do an estimation for the on-going bandwidth […]

VxRail and External vCenter Compatibility

VMware ESXi 8.0 and vCenter Server 8.0 was general availability in Oct 2022. Is vCenter Server 8.0 supported with VxRail? Answer is No. VxRail 8.0 Software is not available now. External vCenter 8.0 is currently not supported with VxRail Appliance Software or releases. Support for vCenter 8.0 will […]

2023 Veeam Vanguard Class is open now

I do not know what is the Veeam Vanguard program four years ago. Fortunately, I was selected to enter the Veeam Vanguard 2019 class. Thanks to Rick Vanover, Nikola Pejková and Veeam Community, they gave me this opportunity to learn Veeam products & technical skills and meet some technical experts. […]

Monitoring VxRail using PowerShell

In this post we will discus on monitoring of a VxRail cluster using VxRail API. You can download VxRail API PowerShell Modules at Dell support website. Now let’s use Get-Module to list the imported VxRail modules. Let’s use Get-Command to list the functions available from the imported VxRail API System. […]