Installation of VMware Horizon 7 Agent

1. Download VMware Horizon 7 Agent installer. Launch the installer on the supported desktop operating system. VMware Horizon 7 Agent should be installed on the following desktops:

2. On the installation wizard screen, click Next.

3. Accept the terms in the license agreement and click Next.

4. Check to Install VMware Horizon Agent in ‘Desktop Mode’ if prompted. Click Next.

5. Select the appropriate network protocol and click Next.

6. Review the following Custom Setup screen options. You can also change the installation directory. After completion, click Next.

  • USB Redirection – Gives users access to locally connected USB devices on their desktops.
  • VMware Virtualization Pack for Skype for Business – Optimize audio and video calls within Horizon 7 desktops.
  • VMware Horizon View Composer Agent – Allows VMware Horizon 7 Agent to run on the linked clone desktops that are deployed from this virtual machine.
  • Real-Time Audio-Video – Enables users to redirect locally connected audio and video peripherals back to the remote desktop.
  • VMware Horizon Instant Clone Agent – Allows VMware Horizon 7 Agent to run on the instant clone desktops that are deployed from this virtual machine.
  • Client Drive Redirection – Allows Horizon Clients to share local drives with their remote desktops and applications.
  • Virtual Printing – Virtual printer support.
  • vRealize Operations Desktop Agent – Enables the VMware vRealize® Operations™ desktop agent.
  • VMware Horizon 7 Persona Management – Enables persona management.
  • Scanner Redirection – Enables the scanner redirection feature.
  • Smartcard Redirection– Enables PCoIP smart card use.
  • Serial Port Redirection – Enables the serial port redirection feature.
  • VMware Audio – Enables the VMware virtual audio driver.
  • Flash Redirection – Enables redirection of Flash.
  • HTML5 Multimedia Redirection Access – Enables redirection of HTML 5 Multimedia.
  • Device Bridge BAS Plugin – Enable finger scanners supported by the BAS system.
  • SDO Sensor Redirection – Enables Simple Device Orientation (SDO) Sensor Redirection feature, reports device orientation changes to the remote desktop.
  • VMware Performance Tracker – Enables the Horizon Performance Tracker.
  • Geolocation Redirection – Enables client device’s geolocation information when using Internet Explorer 11.
  • VMware Advanced Printing  Enables advanced printing. Replaces the older ThinPrint technology.

7. Select Enable the Remote Desktop Capability on this computer if prompted. Click Next.

8. Confirm the installation information and click Install.

9. If prompted to install device software, select Install.

10. Click Finish.

11. Click Yes to restart the system.

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