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Demo – Upgrade to VxRail 4.0

Upgrade VxRail’s software components is accessible through the configuration menu. Click the “Configuration” button to proceed. Before updating the software components installed on your VxRail Appliance, you must first update VxRail Manager. Click “Update“, then select “Upload local version” from the dropdown menu to start this process.

Since you have already download the VxRail Manager 4 Installation files from Dell EMC support site, you can now upload this file from your local drive. Select the file and then click “Open“.

Once the upload process is completed, click “Install“.

Before VxRail Manager is uploaded, the system perform a pre-check to ensure. Once the pre-check completes, click “Upgrade NOW“.

Congratulations! VxRail Manager has been successfully updated to 4.0. Click “Close“.

Then you need to login VxRail Manager again. Input the login credentials, then click “Authenticate“.

Now that VxRail Manager has been updated. the rest of the components of your VxRail cluster can be upgraded.

This demo assumes you have already downloaded the installation. Click “Internet Upgrade” then select “Local Upgrade” from the dropdown menu.

Select the installation file “VXRAIL_COMPOSITE-4.0.04631185” from you local drive, then click “Open“.

Before installing, VxRail will performn a readiness check to make sure the status is green across all the software components to be upgraded. Once the readiness check completes, click “Continue” to begin the installation.

The software upgrade is now completed. During upgrade, VxRail performs a series of automated post-checks and upgrade hooks.

Click “Details” for more information, or click “Refresh” to update your screen.

To view the installed version of numbers of the components that VxRail is comprised of, click the “Installed Versions” link.

Reference Demo

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