In this post we will learn how to upgrade iDRAC firmware on Dell EMC VxRail Appliance, iDRAC (Integrated Dell Remote Access Controller) port is used to remote monitor each VxRail Node.


  1. Make sure the iDRAC management NIC port is connected and IP address is obtained.
  2. Windows client which can ping the iDRAC IP address.
  3. Prepare iDRAC firmware file to the Windows client.

Upgrade Procedures:

Please input iDRAC IP in the browser and login with default credentials.

Click Update and Rollback in the below screen.

Choose the iDRAC firmware file you want to upgrade, and then click Upload.

Check the iDRAC firmware in the update details, then click Install.

Then one update job is created. You can click the Job Queue to check the status.

When the job status is completed, the iDRAC will restart.

Finally you login again to check the new iDRAC firmware version.