VMware NSX – Create Logical Switches

A logical switch reproduces Layer 2 and Layer 3 functionality (unicast, multicast, or broadcast) in a virtual environment completely decoupled from underlying hardware.

Log in to the vSphere Web Client and click Networking & Security.

Select Logical Switches under the Networking & Security section.

Click the green + icon to add a new logical switch.

In the New Logical Switch dialog box:
1 Enter the logical switch name in the Name text box.
2 Enter a description in the Description text box. For ease of use, add the subnet that will be used within this logical switch.
3 In the Transport Zone selection box, click Change to choose the appropriate transport zone.
4 Leave the Replication Mode option, or select a new one if you want to overlap the transport zone replication mode. By default, the logical switch inherits the control plane mode from the transport zone.
5 Select the Enable IP Discovery check box to enable ARP suppression. This minimizes ARP flooding within individual VXLAN segments.
6 Select the Enable MAC Learning check box to avoid possible traffic loss during VMware vSphere vMotion.
7 Click OK.

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