The NetApp ONTAP snapshot integration allows backup, replication, restore as well as other Veeam jobs to take advantage of native ONTAP snapshots, which provides faster data access with almost no impact on the production environment. This allows you to take backups much more frequently than with legacy backup software, and dramatically improves the RPO objectives of the application.

To add a NetApp ONTAP system to Veeam, navigate to the Storage Infrastructure tab. Click Add Storage to start the wizard.

Click NetApp to start the Add NetApp Storage wizard. Click Data ONTAP to start the wizard for NetApp ONTAP systems.

Enter the cluster management IP, or hostname of the ONTAP cluster you want to add. Click Next.

Add the credentials for the ONTAP clusters. After you add the credentials click Next.

At “Volumes to scan”, click Choose to select the volumes relevant to Veeam.

Click Finish to complete the wizard.

Veeam scans the ONTAP system and adds it to the Veeam.

You can see them on the left side of the “Storage Infrastructure”. After you add the ONTAP Cluster, you can see which elements and options are available at the cluster, SVM, volume and Snapshot level.