Consistency Groups (CG) are the container for Production and Replica copies. A consistency group is needed if we want to protect one Production VM or multiple Production VMs that are in an application relationship. A single consistency group holds multiple copies of a VM – the Production VM copy and up to an additional four copies (Replica copies).

In first example there is a local copy for data protection which is protected by the same RecoverPoint cluster as the Production VM in Site A. The second copy of this Production VM is a remote copy for disaster recovery in Site B. Only one local copy is possible.

In second example we find the Production VM in Site C that has two remote copies – one in Site B and the other in Site A  which is used for testing or development, and the other for disaster recovery.

In third example, the Production VM is on a VMware cluster in Site B protected by RecoverPoint cluster. Two remote Replicas were created, both in the same remote Site C. Both copies to be in Site C for DR, backup, testing, or other reasons.


These various and flexible replication topologies can coexist in one RecoverPoint for VMs 4.3 system. In a vRP system, Production VMs can have Fan-out protection to two different sites from any location. Production VMs can be remotely protected to a central site for DR or a Production VM can be replicated twice to one remote site – for DR and extended image access.