In this post we will see how to upgrade VMware vSphere Replication (VR) 6.5. It is supported the upgrading from vSphere Replication 6.0.0.x, or 6.1.1.x to vSphere Replication 6.5.

Before you begin make sure you complete the prerequisites

  • VMware vCenter is upgraded to 6.5
  • Download ISO files for vSphere Replication appliance for both version 6.5 downloaded in VMware website.
  • Backup both vSphere Replication databases

Upgrade Procedures:

1. Login to vSphere Web Client.
2. Navigate to vSphere Replication Appliance and mount the vSphere Replication 6.5 ISO

3. Open VR appliance VAMI page in browser https://vrappliance:5480 and login as root account.
4. Navigate to Update->Settings menu and change the Update Repository to “Use CDROM Updates” and click on “Save Settings

5. Navigate to Update->Status and click on “Check Updates”. It will list the available updates, click on “Details” link to see more information.

6. After verifying the available update version click on “Install Updates” button. Select “OK” on prompt.

7. vSphere Replication will start copying files from ISO. Below screen is shown until Update is in progress.

8. When the upgrade is completed, VAMI interface shows below screen and ask for reboot.

9. Navigate to System->Information and click on “Reboot

10. When it power on and starts to upgrade.

11. Once the VR is power on, we need to register it to Lookup Service. Navigate to VAMI interface. Navigate to VR->Configuration page and enter LookupServiceAddress (PSC FQDN), SSO Administrator, Password, DB Username and DB Password. Click on “Save and Restart Service”. It takes time to register extension in web client.

12. Repeat the step 1 to 11 to upgrade VR on the recovery site.

13. After that login to Web client and navigate to vCenter->Manage->vSphere Replication You will see “Not authenticated” under Status, here we need to reconnect the other site appliance.

14. Select the Secondary site vCenter and click on “Reconnect” button. Enter Secondary site PSC address and SSO credentials, click OK.

NOTE: If you don’t configure NTP setting on VR appliance, it will have Configuration Issue Status was shown.

15. Once complete vSphere Replication Status should show “Connected“.

16. Finally we can see the Outgoing Replications by navigating to vCenter->Monitor->vSphere Replication tab, the status of replication session shows OK.

NOTE: At this moment both vSphere replication appliances are upgraded and registered to vCenter. However both SRM is broken, because VR 6.5 is not supported with SRM 6.1.