VxRail 4.7 – Scale out in HTML5 Client

In VxRail 4.5, we can ONLY perform the node expansion in VxRail Manager. In VxRail 4.7, it releases the vCenter Plugin for VxRail Manager. Now we can expand the VxRail cluster with vCenter Plugin, only perform six simple procedures to complete the VxRail cluster expansion. When the new node detect in the VxRail cluster, we can perform the node expansion in “add VxRail Wizard”.  Select the new node and then Next,

Input the user credentials for vSphere, then Next.

Input the ESXi root and management account credentials, then Next.

When the new node is added to the VxRail cluster, we can choose to put it into Maintenance Mode, then Next.

In the final procedure, VxRail will perform the a validation procedure to ensure all setting for node expansion, then Validate.

When the validation successfully completed, then Finish.

The VxRail expansion starts, the host expansion can be successfully completed after a few minutes.

Finally we can see the new node in the VxRail cluster. Now most of VxRail operation can be executed with vCenter Plugin, e.g. Edit the host, ESRS configuration, collect the Logs bundle and shut down the cluster.