VMware vRealize Log Insight is a log aggregation, management, and analytics solution
that gives the data center administrator an easy way to see context, correlation, and meaning behind otherwise obfuscated log content. Log Insight paired with vSAN is an easy way to gain a level of visibility and operational intelligence not only to vSAN, but to your entire environment.

Assume that vRealize Log Insight integrates with the vSAN cluster, we can see the events of all vSAN nodes in Dashboards when login into vRealize Log Insight.

Go to Interactive Analytics, type vsan (and notice that there are thousands of results associated with this keyword). We can see that it found the events which is related to vSAN configuration issue exists in this vSAN cluster.

We can also Create Alert from Query.

1. We can provide a Name for our Alert as well as an optional Description and Recommendation.
2. We can send Alerts via Email or Webhook.
3. We can specify additional logic for how to handle the Alert, clicks Save.

Using Log Insight in this example helped us identify not only that there was a
configuration problem but also identified the exact date/time this change was
made and furthermore enabled us to create an Email Alert if we so chose.

vSAN Dashboards can provides “Host State Information“, “Diskgroup Failures“, “Networking“, “Object Configurations” and “Health“, etc.

NOTE: Log Insight still uses the content pack framework from previous editions, but vSAN dashboards are now included at the time of installation, making it easy to deploy and use in a vSAN powered environment.