VMware vSAN 6.7 – Native vRealize Operations Integration

In vSAN 6.7, “vRealize Operations within vCenter” provides an easy way for customers to see basic vRealize intelligence with vCenter. vCenter now includes an embedded plugin that allows for users to easily configure and integrate a new vRealize Operations instance or to utilize an existing vRealize Operations instance.

The vRealize Operations instance is now visible natively in the HTML5 “Clarity” based UI. The integrated nature of “vRealize Operations within vCenter” also allows the user to easily launch the full vROps user interface to see the full collection of vRealize Operations dashboards. These provide additional visibility into and analytics for vSAN environments.

vRealize Operations Dashboard within vCenter 6.7

It provides the performance figure and alerts of vSAN through vCenter Server directly. We can monitor the basic information of vSAN Cluster. For details performance, we still go to VMware vRealize Operations Manager for monitoring.

VMware vRealize Operations 6.7 for vSAN 6.7

vSAN Overview Dashboard

Reports for vSAN

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