In this lab environment, vSAN is currently Turned Off. In this post we will show you how to enable or turn on vSAN in a few steps.

Select your ESXi Cluster, Configure and vSAN > Services. Then Configure.

Select which type of vSAN Cluster, we can configure “Single site cluster“, “Two host vSAN cluster“, and “Stretched cluster“. In this configuration, we will configure “Single site cluster”. Then click Next.

When using an All-Flash configuration, you have the option to enable Deduplication and Compression.

Selecting Allow Reduced Redundancy, vSAN will be able to reduce the protection level of your VMs, if needed, during operations of enabling Deduplication and Compression. This option is only usable if your setup is at the limit of the protection level, configured by
the Storage Policy of a Specific VM.

Configure the cache tier and capacity tier of vSAN cluster. Then click Next.

Create fault domains, then click Next.

Review and verify your selection. Build the vSAN cluster when click Finish.

Once the configuration process is complete. You can see the Health Service is Enabled.