VMware vCenter 6.5 – Improvements

VCSA Migration

  • Version 6.5 support for Windows vCenter 5.5 or 6.0 upgrade to 6.5
  • Migrations for both embedded and external topologies
  • VUM included
  • Assumes the identity of the source Windows vCenter (UUID, IP, OS Name)
  • Embedded and external Database support: MSSQL, MSSQL Express, Oracle
  • Migration Assistant pre-checks
  • Option to select historical and performance data


Native vCenter High Availability

  • VCSA only
  1. Supports external PSC
  2. [TBD] Potentially support for embedded PSC
  • Two configuration options: Basic & Advanced
  • Active / Passive with Witness
  • Required network configuration
  1. eth0 – public network
  2. eth1 – private network (added during configuration)
  • Automatic failover (Web Client may require re-login)


vSphere Client (HTML5 Web Client)

  • Clean, modern UI built on VMware’s new Clarity UI standards (to be adopted across our portfolio)
  • No browser plugins to install/manage
  • Integrated into vCenter Server for 6.5
  • Fully supports Enhanced Linked Mode
  • Users of the Fling have raved about its performance compared to the vSphere Web Client


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