Deploy Dell EMC Integrated Data Protection Appliance 2.2

When we finished the racking of DP4400 and the cables connection, you can manually start it up. Press the power button on the right control panel at the front of the chassis to power on the system. When the system has started-up, launch the Appliance Configuration Manager using our service laptop.

First we make a list of IP addresses you will use with the various IDPA components. We must validate the host names and IP addresses to avoid network conflicts when installing the IDPA components. All network conflicts must be resolved before you can successfully deploy IDPA.

Connect to the Appliance Configuration Manager (ACM), the default IP is

Input the network configuration, ​​​​​​​ACM creates the network configuration. This might take several minutes to complete.

When the network configuration completes, you are then redirected to log in to ACM with the newly configured ACM IP address. With a successful login, the IDPA DP4400 main configuration window appears.

Then we start the IDPA configuration, eg. licenses, IDPA vCenter, IDPA Prodection Storage, IDPA Backup Server, IDPA System Manager, IDPA Reporting and Analytics, and IPDA Seach etc.

Each component is configured with the licensing, and network information you entered. The configuration can take some time before it completes. When all components configuration reaches 100%, installation is complete.

When IDPA configuration is complete the ACM Home tab is displayed.

The Backup Server panel displays the component IP address, and Avamar version. The panel also displays total and available backup metadata storage, and the license status of the backup server node. It shows whether the installation of agents is in progress. Here, you see that backup agents are currently installing.

The Protection Storage panel displays the DD OS version, component IP address, total and available backup storage, the file system and license status of the Protection Storage node, and any alerts requiring user action. To access extra functionality of the component, click the Protection Storage system manager link.

The Virtualization Settings panel displays basic settings for your VMware vCenter server. To access the web interface to manage the vCenter server, click vCenter Web UI.

The IDPA System Manager panel displays the IDPA System Manager version and component IP address. To load the IDPA System Manager Web UI , click the link, and refer to the User Accounts tab for the IDPA System Manager login credentials. Move the cursor over Services to view status information for IDPA System Manager services.

We can see the IDPA dashboard.

Deploy the Avamar proxy “Avamar Proxy Deployment” on each vCenter datacenter cluster that you intend to protect.

Simple Installation

DP4400 How-to configure backup policies

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