vExpert 2018 Applications are Now Open

New for vExpert 2018

New this year is a completely new vExpert website for applications, data management, vExpert directory. vExperts will be able to manage your own data (email address, employer, and many others), update your applications, download your license keys and download your vExpert Certificate. Apply at

Returning vExperts, you have a different process. Please check your email for a password recovery link to reset your password for If you do not have an email to reset your account, please use this URL to reset your password. Use the same email address you use to receive email for the vExpert program.


Cisco UCS Manager plugin for VMware vRealize Orchestrator

Cisco UCS Manager Plugin for vRealize Orchestrator leverages the XML API of UCS Manager to expose the managed objects of Cisco UCS Manager as inventory objects and to provide actions for managing every aspect of UCS manager through vRealize Orchestrator.

We can download this UCS Plugin for vRO at Cisco website.

We need to install Cisco UCS Manager Plug-in on VMware vRealize Orchestrator, then restart Orchestrator server service.

Then login into vRealize Orchestrator Client.

Start to the workflow to add the UCS Domain into vRO.

When we added UCS Domain into vRO, then we can use the pre-built workflow to manage the UCS Domain.

Cisco UCS Manager Plugin provides the following actions:

  • get, set, add,and remove actions for all the UCS managed objects that are exposed by the XML API.
  • export and import UCS backup.
  • get UCS technical support data.
  • get all registered UCS domains.
  • get the possible values for an attribute in a managed object.
  • get the class IDs or types of all the managed objects in the UCS Manager
  • Associate and disassociate service profiles
  • Create service profile from service profile templates
  • Rename service profiles.

Below demo is that start workflow to download the Technical Support Files of UCS Manager. Select the UCS domain and input the related information of UCS Manager.

The workflow starts to get the Technical Support files of UCS Domain when click submit.

HPE 3PAR plugin for VMware vRealize Orchestrator

The HPE 3PAR Plug-in for VMware vRealize Orchestrator is free for all customers to download and includes prebuilt workflows that allow a vSphere administrator to quickly and easily deploy and manage many of the common tasks that might be needed to manage your HPE 3PAR StoreServ storage system with vSphere.

The HPE 3PAR Plug-in for VMware vRealize Orchestrator is free for all customers to download and use. Once the plugin is installed and you have your HPE 3PAR StoreServ array registered, the fastest and easiest way to start working with the new vRO plugin is to leverage the prebuilt workflows included.

These workflows allow a vSphere administrator to quickly and easily deploy and manage many of the common tasks (create, query, modify, and delete) that might be needed to manage your storage system with vSphere. Some examples of tasks that can be automated include:

  • Connect and manage HPE 3PAR storage resources
  • Provision volumes
  • Create host groups
  • Export volumes
  • Create VMFS data stores from volumes
  • The HPE vRealize Orchestrator plug-in communicates directly with the HPE 3PAR StoreServ REST API (WSAPI) and provides the following objects that provide additional management capabilities that can be used within workflows or passed to vRealize Automation as a resource:
  • 3PAR Connection
  • CPG
  • VVSets
  • Hostsets
  • Hosts
  • Volumes
  • Snapshot
  • Tasks

The workflows included in the plugin should cover most common use cases and storage provisioning tasks. For those that want to extend the capabilities of the plugin, many built-in Actions can be leveraged to create custom workflows.

The HPE 3PAR plugin for vRealize Orchestrator also includes composite workflows that simplify and automate complex or tedious tasks within vRealize Orchestrator.


  • Create 3PAR Datastore
  • Create 3PAR Snapshot for datastore
  • Delete 3PAR Datastore
  • Restore VMFS Datastore from Snapshot
  • And more!

We need to install HPE 3pAR Plugin on vRO and enabled this feature.

Finally we need to import its certificate and register the 3PAR array on VMware vRealize Orchestrator.

Then we can use its prebuilt workflow and design the complex workflow.

The workflow of creating the Virtual Volume on 3PAR array.

The workflow of deleting the Virtual Volume on 3PAR array.

The demo of HPE 3PAR plugin for VMware vRealize Orchestrator

VMware vRealize Operations Management Pack for Site Recovery Manager 6.5

The VMware vRealize Operations Management Pack for Site Recovery Manager 6.5 allows VMware administrators to monitor the local Site Recovery Manager Windows services in VMware vRealzie Operations Manager. The vRealize Operations Management Pack for Site Recovery Manager provides capabilities for monitoring the connectivity between Site Recovery Manager instances, the availability of a remote Site Recovery Manager instance and the status of Protection Groups and Recovery Plans in Site Recovery Manager. Alarms are generated when there are Site Recovery Manager Server connectivity issues encountered or Protection Groups and Recovery Plans are in error state. The user interface provides statistics for the number of SRM-related objects and how many of them have errors.

The VMware vRealize Operations Management Pack for Site Recovery Manager 6.5 software is distributed as PAK file. You install and configure the management pack by using the vRealize Operations Manager interface.

You can download the vRealize Operations Management Pack for Site Recovery Manager 6.5 from the download page.

  1. Log in to vRealize Operations Manager.
  2. Select Administration > Solutions in the left pane.
  3. Click the Add icon to start the wizard.
  4. Navigate to the VMware-srm-vrops-mp-6.5.0-<build number>.pak file and click Upload. When the pak file is uploaded click Next.
  5. Read and agree to the end-user license agreement. Click Next to install the management pack.
  6. Review the installation progress, and click Finish when the installation completes.

After the installation you must configure the VMware vRealize Operations Management Pack for Site Recovery Manager 6.5 so that vRealize Operation Manager can collect data from the target system.

  1. Select Administration > Solustions in the left pane.
  2. On the Solutions tab, select Srm Adapter, and click Configure on the toolbar.
  3. Enter the required information in the Manage Solutions wizard and click Save Settings.

Note: To monitor more than one Site Recovery Manager instance at the same time, you must deploy a separate vRealize Operations Manager appliance and Srm Adapter for each Site Recovery Manager instance

Finally go to Dashboards of SRM Configuration Summary, you can view all objects of related SRM Server.

VMware vRealize Orchestrator 7.3 to automate Site Recovery Manager 6.5

With the VMware vRealize Orchestrator plug-in for Site Recovery Manager, Site Recovery Manager administrators can simplify the management of their Site Recovery Manager infrastructure by extending the robust workflow automation platform of Orchestrator. You build these workflows by using the drag-and-drop capability of the workflow editor in the Orchestrator client. Orchestrator uses the plug-in to access the functionality of Site Recovery Manager and the Site Recovery Manager API. The included pre-built workflows simplify the process of creating custom workflows.

We need to install vRO Plugin for VR and SRM before configure the workflow of Site Recovery Manager.

We start to create the Recovery Plan by workflow.

Demo of VMware vRealize Orchestrator to automate Site Recovery Manager

The updates from Vembu

Unveiling the perpetual licensing:

With launching the latest perpetual licensing, we look forward to availing more flexibility with the pricing. The Vembu BDR Suite which was earlier at the subscription pricing model will now be available at perpetual licensing, thereby helping IT environments fulfill their requirements that would cost less over time.

Introducing the brand New Service Program:

In the aim of setting firm footprints across the globe by catering one of the most comprehensive backup and disaster recovery solution at an affordable pricing, Vembu unfolds it’s New Service Provider Program that would provide service providers a great scope for huge benefits and discounts with the Vembu BDR Suite v3.8.0.

Vembu complying with the EU GDPR:

Addressing customers’ concern have always been Vembu’s top priority. The Vembu BDR Suite does comply with the new regulation and will make the users the real data owner. Complying with industry standards and policies has always been one of Vembu BDR Suite’s core attributes and the GDPR is no exception as well.

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