Who are the Dell EMC Elect of 2017 ?

A merger of the EMC Elect and Dell Tech Centre Rockstar Programs, The Dell EMC Elect becomes the new program for recognition of Dell EMC’s advocates.

We believe it continues to represent, in the spirit of its predecessors, an incredibly successful and highly coveted oppurtunity for its members. Those recognised receive exclusive access and can call themselves Dell EMC Elect in appreciation for their contribution to the Dell EMC Community.

Nominations came in from far and wide, and our Dell EMC Elect Founders had a laborious task to judge the nominees. It was hard to decide, such was the caliber of the nominations put forward. However in the end it was done, the nominations were counted and evaluated. And on the 29th of March, 2017, 2 days later than planned, Such were the intense deliberations, “internet white smoke” has been seen from the Founders virtual enclave and the Dell EMC Elect of 2017 have been declared.

There were 600 illustrious nominations, leading to 300 finalists. Of those finalists, under tough and at times contentious debate the Dell EMC Elect number 153 for 2017, listed in alphabetical order below.

I am proud to be a part of Dell EMC Elect community this year.



About Victor Wu

My name is Victor. I hope to be your friend.
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