VxRail Cluster Expansion – Scaling Out

Adding a node into VxRail cluster that is a very simple process. One of the core benefits provided by VxRail is to allow a configuration to start small, at the right cost to satisfy the current demands, and then grow the configuration as needed, in small increments.

When you finish the cable connection between new node between VxRail cluster, the new node can be detected on VxRail Manager and now it is ready to add into VxRail cluster. First you click Add Node. NOTE: The following demo is adding one node into VxRail cluster.

The following is the running configuraton (ESXi cluster with 4 nodes) in VxRail.



You just input ESXi IP address, Virtual SAN IP address and vMotion IP address.


Then click Build button.


It starts the cluster expansion.


After finish the expansion, you can see the new node displays on the VxRail Manager.


Finally you login into vCenter server, the fifth ESXi host added into the running ESX cluster.


After a few mintues VxRail Cluster Expansion is successfully completed, it is Scaling Out feature.


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