Migrate VMware vCenter 6.0 to VCSA 6.5 by vCenter Server Migration Tool

Today I upgrade my VMware vCenter 6.0 (Windows platform) to VCSA 6.5 by using VMware vCenter Migration Tool, the following is the migration procedure.

Firstly you need to download the VCSA 6.5 ISO at VMware website, then put it into source vCenter host. Go to “migration-assistant” folder, execute VMware-Migration-Assistant and input vCenter SSO password.


Secondly prepare the other management host which can access the source vCenter 6.0 and put VCSA 6.5 ISO on this host. Go to “vcsa-ui-installer” folder and then select win32, execute installer. Click Migrate button.


Input the info of the source vCenter in the wizard.



Input the info of the location for target vCenter in the wizard.


Input the Root password for VCSA 6.5, and select the deployment size and target datastore.


Input a temporary network that it can copy data from the source vCenter.


It starts to deploy VCSA 6.5 in the target location.


After finish the deployment, then click Continue.


Now it starts to migrate the data from source vCenter into the target VSCA, then click Next.


Input the AD user name and password, then click Next.


Select the type of configuration which is required to migrate to target VCSA, then click Next.


It starts the data migration when you click Ok button. NOTE: The source vCenter will be shutdown once the network configuration is enabled on target vCenter.


It starts to copy data from source vCenter to target VCSA.


In this moment you go to the source vCenter host, you can see that it displays Data and configuration export started in Migration Assistance Console.


When it finishes the data copying, the source vCenter will be shutdown once.


Go to management host you can see the data migration is successfully completed, then it start service at the target VCSA.


After it starts the vCenter service, then it import copied data to target VCSA.


When the task 3 is finished, the data migration is successfully completed.


Now you can input the original IP address of source vCenter to access new vCenter 6.5 in the web browser. You can choose either vSphere Web Client (Flash) or vSphere Client (HTML5) to access VCSA 6.5.




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9 Responses to Migrate VMware vCenter 6.0 to VCSA 6.5 by vCenter Server Migration Tool

  1. Shahnawaz Ahmed says:

    I been reading article on many websites , Blogs since tuesday launched of VCSA 6.5. i am glad to find this article very well explained. Good job

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  3. Joey says:


    When I access 5480 with root, what the password? 🙂


  4. Dazza says:

    Hi. We currently have a single Windows vCenter v6 Update 1 with embedded PSC. I want to get to a topology of 2 x vCSA 6.5 with 2 external PSCs. What path would you recommend? Many Thanks

  5. Ganeshprasad Pal says:

    I am facing below error


    verify that migration assistant port are correctly typed

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