Possible SAN Connectivity Issues

The following diagram is listed the commmon possible SAN connectivity issues, it is very useful for troubleshooting.


  • Switch firmware or hardware issues that cause a path to become unavailable.
  • Cables that have been mistakenly unplugged, and dirty or poorly seated (or broken) connectors.
  • SAN zoning issues, where host and storage devices are not zoned to communicate with one another, or devices that were zoned become un-zoned for one reason or another; or after some zoning changes, the previous Zoneset was set active again (usually operator error).
  • Fabric rebuild issues, where a bad link between two switches keeps bouncing between online and offline states, causing a constant stream of fabric reconfigurations so that data traffic is severely limited.

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One Response to Possible SAN Connectivity Issues

  1. Bharat Kumar says:

    Can add these points too.

    Mulitiple drive failures in a raid.

    Multiple flare drive failures.

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