EMC Unisphere Service Manager (USM)

The Unisphere Service Manager (USM) is a Java-based desktop application that helps you upgrade, install, and maintain your storage-system hardware and software as well as provide contact and storage-system information to your service provider.

Unisphere Service Manager supports CLARiiON Storage Systems running FLARE Release 19 (02.19) and later and Celerra Storage Systems running DART 6.0 and later, and VNX systems. The storage system hardware models supported are:

  • VNX1/2 series
  • CX4 series
  • CX3 series
  • CX series

The following procedure is used to start the health check for EMC Storage.


After login into your EMC storage, go to Diagonstics and choose Verify Storage System.


Go to Storage System Verification Wizard, then click Next button.


Then it starts to system check.


When it finishes the system check, you can display the issues report by “Display Issues Report” button if it found any issue on EMC storage system.




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