EMC Unity Initialization

Firstly go to EMC Website support.emc.com, download Unity Connection Utility and install into one Windows workstation. After that execute this program, you can select two options for the initialization operation.

NOTE: Before it starts to auto discover, suggest to stop firewall service on workstation which is installed Unity Connection Utility.


After discover, it can found the Unity system, the click Next button.


Input the Unity Name and IP address, then click Next button.


Go to Review page and click Configure button to start the configuration.


After the configuration, you can start Unisphere by the button.


Input the User and Password to access the Unisphere, default is Admin/Password123#,


Then you can start the configuration in EMC Unisphere, input Unisphere licenses and finish the remain setting in Initial Configuration Wizard. After that the initialization is successfully completed.




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