VNX Monitoring and Reporting

EMC VNX Family Monitoring and Reporting is a software solution that extends Unisphere element manager capabilities by providing unified performance and capacity trending information of VNX and Next-Generation VNXe storage systems. This solution complements Unisphere health alerts and Unisphere Analyzer.

VNX Family Monitoring and Reporting automatically collects Block, File, and VNXe storage statistics. It also collects configuration data and stores it in a database that can be viewed through dashboards and reports.

To start using the VNX M&R tool, follow these steps:

1. Connect to VNX-Config using this URL: http://YourServerIP:58080/VNX-Config/
NOTE: the default user is admin/changeme.


Input your M&R licenses and add your EMC storage system into it.



NOTE: You should install EMC Navisphere CLI into this system before add EMC storage system into M&R.


2. Connect to the web portal using this URL: http://YourServerIP:58080/VNX-MR/, it can start to collect the performance data from your EMC storage system.



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