EMC Unity – EMC Storage Analytics

EMC Storage Analytics uses the power of existing vCenter features to aggregate data from
multiple sources and process the data with proprietary analytic algorithms.
EMC Storage Analytics complies with VMware management pack certification
requirements and has received the VMware Ready certification.

The following is EMC Storage Adapter (ESA) installation on VMware vRealize Operation Manager, first upload the adapter into vRealize Operation Manager and then install.

Demonstration environment: VMware vRealize Operation Manager 6.2, EMC Storage Analytics 4.1, VMware vCenter 6.0 U2, ESXi 6.0 U2, EMC UnityVSA 4.0.1.



After deployed the adapter, starts to configure the instance. You need to select Unity on the Connection Type, then input Management IP and Credential.


After the configuration, you can see the Collection Status of each instance displays “Data receiving” on each EMC adapter.


Finally, you can see four EMC Unity dashboards on Dashboard List, ie Unity Metrics, Unity Overview and Unity Topology etc.




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