Cisco UCS Plugins for VMware vSphere Web Client

Cisco UCS Manager plugin is a VMware vSphere web client plugin, which enables virtualization administrator to view, manage and monitor the Cisco UCS physical infrastructure. The plugin provides a physical view of the UCS hardware inventory on the web client. You can perform the following tasks using the plugin:

• View Cisco UCS physical hierarchy.
• View inventory, installed firmware, faults, power and temperature statistics.
• Mapping the ESX host to the physical server.
• Manage firmware for B and C series servers.
• View VIF paths for servers.
• Launch the Cisco UCS Manager GUI.
• Launch the KVM consoles of UCS servers.
• Switch the existing state of the locator LEDs.

Register Cisco UCS Plugin into VMware vCenter


After the UCS Plugin registration is completed successfully, you can see Cisco UCS icon on vSphere Web Client home page.


UCS Chassis View


Summary View



User Guide
Release Notes


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