My new book “Cisco UCS Cookbook” has been published

My new book “Cisco UCS Cookbook” has been published !!! You can find it here


Packt Publishing


The sample of Cisco UCS Cookbook

vRA7 Unified Service Authoring with NSX

In this video, we’ll quickly walk you through one of vRA 7’s powerful new features called the Converged Blueprint (CBP) designer. The CBP is a unified authoring canvas that redefines hybrid cloud service authoring and delivery, allowing infrastructure and application architects to author any service using the intuitive user interface.

My new book “Cisco UCS Cookbook” coming soon


I am very happy to announce that my 2nd book “Cisco UCS Cookbook” will be published on Packt website on the second week of March.

What You Will Learn
1. Familiarize yourself with information on the latest information on memory management practices, virtualization architectures, and the specific technical advantages of UCS.
2. Get a concrete understanding of integrating processes and techniques to ensure effective convergence of LAN/SAN.
3. Get to know the best practices of Cisco UCS, EMC Storage, and VMware vSphere.
4. Master migrating data from other band servers or Blade to Cisco UCS.
5. Comprehend how to replicate and back up UCS to remote sites UCS.
6. Assimilate innovative techniques to deploy UCS to leverage its full potential.
7. Gather information on installing and configuring automatic and manual Pinning.
8. Discover ways to integrate a system in Cisco UCS.

EMC Avamar Virtual Edition 7.2 Installation – Part 4

Installing Avamar Administrator on Microsoft Windows

1. Log in to the computer on which you are installing Avamar Administrator.
2. Open a web browser and type the following URL: http://Avamar_server
The EMC Avamar Web Restore page appears.09
3. Click Downloads.012-
4. Click + next to the Windows (32 bit) folder.
5. Click + next to the Microsoft Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, Microsoft Windows Server 2008 folder.
6. Click the AvamarConsoleMultiple-windows-x86-version.exe install
7. Open the installation file, or download the file and then open it from the saved location.
8. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the Avamar Administrator software installation.
9. Open Avamar Administrator Console and login in Avamar Administrator.010
10. The EMC Avamar dashboard appears.011

EMC Avamar Virtual Edition 7.2 Installation – Part 3

Installing and Configuring Avamar software

1. Log in to the Avamar Installation Manager user as root.
2. Open a web browser and type the following URL: https://Avamar-Server:7543/avi/avigui.html
where Avamar-Server is the hostname or the IP address of the Avamar virtual machine.
3. Click the SW Updates tab and click the Unlock icon in the upper right corner of the dialog page. The Passcode dialog box appears.
4. Type in the support password Supp0rtHarV1 and click OK.
The EMC Avamar Installation Manager dialog box appears. This screen can take a few minutes to populate.
5. After a few minutes, click the Refresh icon on your web browser to see the installation package.
6.Click the Install button.03-
7.Once the initialization completes, the Installation Setup page appears.
8.Click the ConnectEMC tab and specify the following:04-
a. For Email sender address type sender email address for email notification
b. For Email server type Hostname of email server for notification emails to EMC
c. For Site name type Description of Avamar server location
d. For Email Server IP Protocol select IP Protocol used by the email server
e. Click Save
9.Click the Install Patches tab. Install available patches, and then click Save.
10.Click the Passwords tab, and then specify and confirm passwords. Make sure you
note these for the customer. Click Save.02-
11.Click the Customer Contact Info tab, and then specify the customer contact
information and click Save.
12.(Optional) To set Security Settings, click the Security Settings tab and then configure applicable security settings. Click Save.
13.Click the Server Settings tab. Leave the Avamar Server Address field blank. Select the applicable System time zone name and click Save.
14.Click Continue. The Avamar configuration begins. Wait until the process completes.06-

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