EMC Avamar Virtual Edition 7.2 Installation – Part 2

Network configuration of EMC Avamar Virutal Edition

1. After open the AVE then login in root and default password is “changeme“. At the command prompt, type the following command: yast2
2. Press Enter.
avaIn YaST2, pressing Ctrl-H backspaces over data to delete existing data.
The YaST2 Control Center dialog box appears.
3. Select Network Devices and press Enter.
The Network Devices dialog box appears.
4. From Network Devices, select Network Settings and press Enter.
5. From Network Settings use the Tab key to access the Edit option and press Enter.
6. From the Network Card Setup use the Tab key to access and select Statically assigned
IP Address (select using the spacebar). Tab to IP Address and type in the IP
Address, the Subnet Mask, and the Hostname of the AVE virtual machine.
7. Use the Tab key to select Next and press Enter.
8. FromNetwork Settings, use the Tab key to select Overview. Use the right-arrow key to
select Hostname/DNS. Use the Tab key to specify the following fields:
a. Hostname
b. Domain Name
c. Name Server 1
d. Name Server 2
e. Domain Search

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