EMC PowerPath Virtual Appliance Version 2.0.1

PowerPath Virtual Appliance is a VM-based virtual appliance.  The PowerPath Virtual Appliance is installed and configured separately from the PowerPath/VE multi-pathing product. It provides simplified RTOOLS deployment and introduces enhanced license management for PowerPath/VE for VMware vSphere.

PowerPath Virtual Appliance Installation

Firstly download the PP virutal appliance on http://support.emc.com, then import the ova into VMware environment by VMware vSphere Client or Web Client. After that open web browser and input https://<ppva IP address>>

PS: User is root, Password is defined during ova deployment


  1. Register the VMware vCenter into PowerPath Appliance


2. After that go to PowerPath Monitor, you can see all ESXi host which is managed by vCenter, under EMC Powerpath Applicance monitoring. PPVA cannot monitor that ESXi host if it doesn’t install EMC PowerPath/VE.


3. Can view the status of each EMC LUN and # of Path on LUN VIEW tab.


4. It also support to manage the status of each EMC LUN in vSphere host by using EMC Power RTOOLs


5. It also support to monitor the physical hosts which installed EMC PowerPath, eg Microsoft Windows, Linux, AIX, Solaris and HP-UX.



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