EMC PowerPath VE 6 with vSphere 6.0 – New feature

New RTOOL CLI commands have been introduced to enable and monitor virtual Machine PMI with sample PMI data as shown below. Since this is a tech preview these commands are only visible by enabling an environment variable

#rpowermt set vm_perfmon={on | off}vm=<vcuuid> host=<hostname>
[username=<username> [password=<password>|no_password]]
[cim_sessionid=<cim sessionid>]
#rpowermt display perf vm=<vcuuid> [verbose]
host=<hostname> [username=<username> [password=<password>|no_password]]
[cim_sessionid=<cim sessionid>]
#rpowermt display perf bus vm=<vcuuid> [verbose] [xml] [nowait]
host=<hostname> [username=<username> [password=<password>|no_password]]
[cim_sessionid=<cim sessionid>]




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