VMware vROps integrates with EMC Storage Analytics

VMware vRealize Operations Manager (vROps) is a software product that collects performance and capacity data from monitored software and hardware resources. Data is collected from storage systems and passed to the vRealize Operations Manager collector. vROps provides users with real‐time information about potential problems in the enterprise.

VMware vRealize presents data and analysis in several ways:

  • Through alerts that warn of potential or occurring problems
  • In configurable dashboards and predefined pages that show commonly needed information
  • In predefined reports

EMC Storage Analytics links VMware vRealize with an EMC Adapter. The adapter is bundled with a connector that enables VMware vRealize to collect performance metrics. The adapter is installed with the VMware vRealize user interface. EMC Storage Analytics leverages the power of existing vCenter features to aggregate data from multiple sources and process the data with proprietary analytic algorithms.

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