Free e-learning course – Horizon (With View) Fundamentals [V6.0]

The course consists of five modules:

•  Introduction to View discusses the View architecture and key benefits and features of the View solution

•  Installing and Configuring View Components describes the main steps for deploying View, how to install View Composer and how to install and configure View Manager, how to install and configure a View Security Server and a View Transfer Server, and provides an overview of configuring View Persona Management.

•  View Desktops explains the steps for configuring virtual machines as desktops, the tasks for preparing virtual desktops before installing View Agent, how to install View Agent, the steps to prepare virtual machines for a linked-clone deployment, and how to deploy a linked-clone automated desktop pool using the Add Pool wizard in View Administrator.

•  Horizon Client Options describes how to install and configure Horizon Client, how to configure View for use on Thin Clients, and how to set up and configure virtual printing.

•  Working with View Administrator covers how to how to log in and navigate the View Administrator interface, how to manage users and groups, how to use the Add Pool wizard to create automated pools, how to use role-based administration, the steps to set up RDS hosts, and how to create application pools.

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